strategy gameAn epic browser-based strategy game.

Ultrawars is a real time strategy game (RTS). Universe of this RTS throws you in an apocalyptic adventure in which the earth is attacked by an alien fleet. This amazing real-time game playable in browser allows you total management of your units and weapons into epic battles.

Fight alien forces across different countries in this epic wargame. Participate to an amazing adventure with your allies (friends) and improve your base with the latest advanced technologies.

strategy game

strategy gameUltrawars: a true real-time strategy game (RTS).

Real-time war game (RTS) are a form of video game.
In a game of  strategy, as in other wargames, the participants position and maneuver units and structures under their control must secure areas of the map and/or destroy their opponents facilities. In a game of trategy, it is possible to create additional units and structures during the game.

strategy gameThe real-time strategy game : resources management.

Actions to create in strategy game are generally limited by resource management. These resources are gained by controlling special points on the map, in ultrawars these special points are ammunition and energy areas.
More specifically, the typical RTS offers a collection of resources through the base building.

strategy gameIn Ultrawars technological development plays a major role in the strategy for success.
Some features have been borrowed from desktop environments, for example, the technique of “clicking and dragging” to select all units in a given area which greatly simplifies the gameplay.
Though some game genres share conceptual similarities with the model strategy game, these types are not encompassed by the online games that can be found on the gaming platform like Facebook or Google+.

The kind that is now recognized as “real time game” emerged after a long period of evolution. RTS that are today sometimes perceived as ancestors of time real game know a great craze among gamers of all ages.

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strategy game


The first project we have developed is called Atomic Strike.

Ultrawars Reviewed by beamlighter5 . great game description : Ce jeu est super fun, je m'en lasse pas Rating: 3,8


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Nov 04, 2013
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so is there anyway to get gold medals other than the promotions page since it doesnt seem to work? like i see a reference to $2 for 7.5 medals but cant find a way to pay $2?

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Nov 08, 2013
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Hi it shoud works now, can you try and tell us if that ok ?

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